6 tactics to make you more productive

6 tactics to make you more productive

There is no greater feeling than checking off tasks from your to-do listIt makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something in life and you really are. You’re making progress towards your goals.The following technics will help you become a more productive person.

1. The more you accomplish, the better you feel about yourself

It could be a small task like sending an email or a massive task like painting your house. The size and complexity of the task don’t matter. As soon as you check it off your to-do list, your brain sent a shot of dopamine into your body, making you feel fulfilled.
The key is finishing what you set out to do.

2. Set goals, work toward them, boost your self-esteem

Having a long term and short term goals can really boost your self-esteem. Working towards your goal gives you something to look forward too.
A goal, a purpose gives you a reason to jump out of bed in the morning (in case you still find it hard to get out, try The 5 seconds rule 🙂 ). You’ll feel more energized, ready to tackle any task.

This will make you more concentrated and prepared to meet any challenge in life.

3. No clutter rule

Clutter can really make you miserable. An average, Western civilization home, holds hundreds of thousands of items, which most of them we don’t really need.
This clutter in your home and/or office can affect you in more ways than you can think off. It really makes you feel stressed, sad, less efficient and affect all area of your life.

Keep your home and office clutter-free.

4. Exercise

Some think exercising makes you tired, but exercising actually gives you more energy. Use this energy to get things done, to accomplish your goals. This will make you feel better about yourself.
When you exercise and get things done, it also gives you more boost to keep your training plan going. This is a great cycle you wanna be trapped in. Just find a few minutes during your day. Early morning is what I found most convenient or me but you can do it in the evening, late at night or during your launch break. It doesn’t really matter what time, just do it. Exercising can strengthen your body, clear your head, improve your mood and boost your immune system.

Use this energy to get tasks done.

5. Plan ahead

Set 10 minutes in your calendar each evening to plan your next day. Always keep your to-do list organized and always know what your plans for the next day are. This way you’ll accomplish much more, and you’ll always have something to do.
Having something to do will also keep your mind from wander and settle into negative thoughts.

6. What is your purpose in life?

Having a purpose can really boost your energy to get things done. This means you won’t just be busy, you’ll set tasks, be productive and achieve your goals.
Always strive for accomplishing goals rather than simply doing more things.

Following these 6 tactics will keep you happier, more productive and more innovative.
Remember to share this with your team. This will surely make your team more innovative.

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