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Who Are We?

Our main missions

Innovation DNA

We are here to help you inject innovation DNA into your organization.We’ll guide you step by step to implement innovation process best suited to your organization needs, make sure everyone is involved, build an innovation leading team and start innovating like a startup.


Read our blog for updates, case studies, and updates.

Our clients gain free access to a library of articles, templates, knowledge articles, video training materials and more.

Data Driven

We base our services on our unique database, which includes startups, products, and technologies, along with an analysis of hundreds of project, workshops, innovation success\fail stories, and use cases.

This enables us to match you with the best processes, tools, and technologies for a variety of challenges

The Founders

We started InovaZone for all of those enthusiastic about innovation the same way we are. If you are involved in innovation in any way, this is the place for you. Join us in building a community that will help all members stay up to date with the latest news, methods, and tools to manage their company innovation.

Nadav Levy

I’m an entrepreneur, innovation enthusiastic and basically love turning ideas into products.

I have over 20 years of experience in the digital world in different roles and industries.

I mentored entrepreneurs and led innovation processes in all sized companies.

Would be more than happy to meet up for a cup of coffee and help with any issue that might bother you.

Ami Gross

I was a corporate animal most of my career until I turned my passion to a profession. I understood that corporations harness great ideas and many talented people that dream them and can implement them. The only issue was that they didn’t have a stage. I decided to build the stage in each company I worked for. I got to the point that I led innovation programs for corporations.

Following over 20 years of experience working for enterprise companies, I decided to follow my dream and innovate more than one company at a time.

My motto is to think innovative then take a step forward into the innovation realm – let me be your guide!