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We have a great passion to solve problems and help others grow

Can Innovation Really Help Me Grow?

According to the 2018 Global Innovation 1000 study, innovative companies grow much faster than the rest of the market. the sales growth of top innovators was 2.6 times and the operating income growth 2.5 times that of the average of the companies in the study.
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Income Growth

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The Founders

I’m an entrepreneur, innovation enthusiastic and basically love turning ideas into products.

I have over 20 years of experience in the digital world in different roles and industries.

I mentored entrepreneurs and led innovation processes in all sized companies.

Would be more than happy to meet up for a cup of coffee and help with any issue that might bother you.

Ami Gross

I was a corporate animal most of my career until I turned my passion to a profession. I understood that corporations harness great ideas and many talented people that dream them and can implement them. The only issue was that they didn’t have a stage. I decided to build the stage in each company I worked for. I got to the point that I led innovation programs for corporations.

Following over 20 years of experience working for enterprise companies, I decided to follow my dream and innovate more than one company at a time.

My motto is to think innovative then take a step forward into the innovation realm – let me be your guide!

Why Us?

Before starting InovaZone, we spent over 1,000 hours of researching, meetings, studies, testings. All in order to make sure we can bring real value to our customers.

We believe we came up with amazing platformed, based on simple, yet powerful process, which can bring immediate results to any organization.

  • 850 hours of research, interviews, workshops
  • Investigated dozens of different organizations
  • Tested and analyzed over 30 innovation tools




(587) 404-1852
OR (972) 54-4710040

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