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Constructive Innovation - Keeping You Adaptive!

We build task forces that supercharge your ability to quickly solve meaningful challenges and accelerate your adaptability in an ever-changing market

מתנצלים על אי הנוחות. נראה כי עמוד זה לא תורגם עדיין לעברית. אנא צרו קשר לפרטים נוספים.

המטרה שלנו היא ההצלחה שלך. הצוות שלנו מציע תמיכה מלאה בתוכנית החדשנות שלך, בעזרת מגוון כלים ושרותים. החל מעבודה יומיומית יחד איתך והצוותים שלך לביצוע סדנאות, תוכניות ופרויקטים ואימפלמנטציה ועד לתכנון אסטרטגי ארוך טווח.

מומחי החדשנות שלנו כאן בשביל לעזור לך

We build an Innovation Heat Map for your organization that clearly presents your top challenges and opportunities, helping you prioritize, to easily choose what you should tackle first.
Then we build dedicated taskforces that supercharge your ability to quickly solve the selected challenges, using a step-by-step innovation process that leads you to successful implementations.

InovaZone focus on your success. Our team offers full support for your innovation program with a variety of services, from strategic planning to hands-on implementation and execution.
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Giving superpowers to innovation managers

We started InovaZone from a true passion for helping organizations become innovative and solve challenges by adapting to the constantly changing requirements they are facing due to market changes.

Our services can help you do just that by quickly identifying challenges and opportunities, and then quickly solve them. We’ll engage management, we’ll engage employees, and we’ll engage our community to help you lead the market. Innovation requires adaptivity, a willingness to learn and try, and real commitment. 

The results will amaze you!

Meet Our Amazing Customers

Miha Gottlieb
Miha GottliebHead of IT Support at Weizmann Institute of Science
קרא עוד
"Dear Ami and Nadav, The InovaZone workshop got us thinking differently and led us to very impressive, actual results in less than a week. Can't wait for the next steps of the process. Thank you for the planning, execution, and the overall commitment, you are the best!"
Shay Weiss
Shay WeissHead of DevOps and Architecture at Teva Pharmaceuticals
קרא עוד
"When it comes to innovation processes, there are many players that talk a good game, but Ami and Nadav helped us make it happen. They have enabled us, coached us, and gave us the ability to build our strategy using the Constructive Innovation workshop. It’s a great process to engage employees and management alike and generate excellent results. We truly enjoyed the process and got excellent value."
Debbie Junowicz
Debbie JunowiczHead of scheduling, production and testing environments at FIBI
קרא עוד
"InovaZone guided us from challenge to solution, which was great, and added a significant opportunity to pitch our ideas to management. The workshop gave us an amazing stage to expose ourselves to upper management in context to solving a real challenge and spotlighting our true value!"

Our Services

Innovation Health Check

Quick assessment of your organization – we’ll provide you with a detailed report of your organization’s current readiness for innovation processes.
The report is used as the first step for management engagement and to start planning your next steps.

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Launching Innovation

kick off and harnessing management – A few hours workshop (can be conducted online) dedicated to onboard the organization management, by using a unique toolset designed to deeply assess what is required in order to initiate the innovation process.

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Mine the Gap

Challenge Mining – A process intended to collect the organization’s challenges and opportunities, consolidating and prioritizing them in order to provide a complete list that clearly sets the innovation goals.

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Spark Innovation Workshop

Solve 1 challenge in 1 day – A single-day workshop will allow the organization to find surprising solutions to a single challenge. You will be amazed at how much can be achieved in just one day of a well-focused effort.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Accelerate your biz dev using a new scouting process – a unique process, ending with a 1-day workshop, let's organizations solve meaningful challenges or find new growth opportunities from top startups and cutting edge technologies.
Our experts will facilitate the process and workshop to make sure you'll find new opportunities to grow or find solutions to meaningful challenges in a short time and minimum resources.

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Constructive Innovation Cycle

From Challenge to POC 4 days workshop, with a dedicated task force, focused on quickly solving your most meaningful challenge and accelerating your adaptivity to an ever-changing market.
The workshop will lead to a short focused POC (Proof Of Concept) used to test that the chosen solution can be implemented.

Innovation as a Service (IaaS)

Building and managing innovation infrastructure and capabilities – Full service offered – Our team of experts will work with you to analyze, plan, and execute an end-2-end innovation program.
Have your own innovation manager, supervised by InovaZone experts, working along with your team to run an innovation program within the organization. The service introduces external resources that bring expertise and reach-back to a wide variety of tools and services.

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Innovation Horizon

Creating Innovation Roadmap – A detailed analysis of your current state of innovation (challenge mapping, opportunities, gaps to innovation) and innovation plan roadmapping, tailor-fitted to your organization’s needs.
We will assist with presenting the roadmap to management thereby generating buy-in for future steps by showing a high level of expertise backed by our deep knowledge and market research.

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The Team

Nadav Levy

Nadav Levy

Co-Founder & CEO

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Ami Gross

Co-Founder & CTO

Why use Constructive Innovation?

With today’s ever-changing market, you, as innovation manager, can no longer afford to stay in place. You must continuously innovate, improve, move forward, and lead the market. You need to develop the right products, the right services, and the right processes.
To achieve the goals above, you need to identify the challenges and opportunities. The InovaZone Constructive Innovation process is the fastest way to solve meaningful challenges, realize opportunities, and fully engage your employee community to bring your organization to success and lead the market.

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אינובהזון - חדשנות בונה - אדפטיביות לצרכי השוק 2

What is Constructive Innovation?

Constructive innovation is a short process that takes the organization step by step to solve a significant challenge, from identifying the right problem to solving it using a focused workshop and following implementation steps.

What is the outcome?

The outcomes of a Constructive Innovation process are:

  • A challenge solved internally by a multidisciplinary team, focused on a solution to implementation.
  • A team that is trained in Solutionizing and implementing.
  • An energized organization hungry and capable of innovating.
  • Success stories that motivate the organization to continue innovating.
who are we?
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What happens after a Constructive Innovation Process?

Following a Constructive Innovation process, the organization has a good understanding of its capabilities. It can move forward with expanding to a broader audience taking on more challenges, and realizing more opportunities. The organization will continuously assess its innovation status always to stay ahead of the market!

Why InovaZone?

  • Results in less than a week
  • Catching every great opportunity that comes along
  • Empowering your employee community
  • Truly affecting your bottom line
  • Our goal is to help innovation managers succeed (by giving them Superpowers)
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