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Our goal is to take your organization step-by-step to become an innovation-driven and independent to run its own processes.

Our Innovation Hub provides your organization with tools, knowledge, and a community, that will guide you towards solving your challenges and finding opportunities to grow.


Our platform will provide each employee in your organization the ability to run different innovation processes to solve their challenges quickly and efficiently.

Each process can be applied within the organizational community (internal employees) or with a larger crowd (such as customers, vendors, global innovation community, and consultants).

Our virtual assistant contains a vast knowledge base, including solutions bank, vendors, consultants, innovation use-cases, and many additional data sources.

The platform will guide you and your team towards a refined process, that will help you solve challenges quickly and efficiently. Ensuring you keep focusing on what is truly important, thus continuously growing your business.


The platform will be a part of your organization’s basic and daily set of tools.

By using the platform, along with the InvoaZone Innovation Boxes and Solutions Bank, you’ll be able to address any challenge quickly and efficiently.

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd! Therefore all of our processes encourage the organization to engage its employees, customers and partners.

Each employee can easily run innovation processes on their own, but if you plan on solving more complex challenges or just feel like you need some more guidance, you can always use our remote facilitation services or book one of our partners to facilitate a workshop for you.

  • More involved and motivated employees
  • Results in less than a week
  • Suits 1 to unlimited number of participants

Innovation Boxes

We offer 2 main types of tailored innovation boxes:

  • Personal Innovation Box
  • Lean Ideation Box

Personal Innovation Box can be used on your own when you need some time to think, get inspired, and ignite a spark to solve your next challenge.

When you use our platform to run short and practical innovation workshops, you can use the Lean Ideation Box to help you and your team to innovate, solutionize and get things done.

Each Innovation Box contains our Inspiration Dice, Inspiration Cards, a set of materials used during the workshop, and all the supplies you need to run the workshop.

The Box, together with our platform, will keep you focused on solving challenges and finding new opportunities.

Solutions Bank

This module of our Innovation Hub is an integrated part of each process and offers access to technologies, startups, service providers, consultants and known solutions from different industries, in a click of a button.

Every time you define a challenge in our platform, the system will analyze your data and automatically offer possible solutions based on the information you provided.

In case you haven’t found the solutions you are looking for or need to fine-tune an existing solution, the assistant will guide you and offer the best possible innovation process to solve your challenge.

You can always get more assistance from our community, customer success agents, or consultants.

Extra services

Municipality Innovation

An Innovation program geared to take any municipality through the innovation journey while engaging the crowd, creating true mass participation and partnership program.

Innovation Events

Need to run an innovation event? Hackathon? Makeathon? We will handle all the hassle in arranging the event for you. We'll take care of everything, from event concept, theme, venue, mentors, lectures, workshops, and much more.

Ideas Screening

We offer a service for innovation contests, or VCs\Accelerators have to deal with screening many startups or ideas.
We have a unique process and set of tools dedicated to the task.

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