Inject innovation DNA to your organization

InovaZone corporate innovation process

A customer journey that will take your organization from concept to implementation in five simple steps!

The Corporate Innovation process is a gradual plan that takes an organization from being inexperienced to becoming fully independent to run its own innovation program.

The steps are important for the discovery and maturity of the organization to implement an innovation process. The best practice is follow-through the full five steps (Assessment, Analysis, Process Definition, Implementation, and Road map) which will lead an organization to the right innovation path to success.

Step 1


Assessing the organization innovation capabilities and business requirements.

An initial meeting to review InovaZone offering, in context to your organization. We’ll present our overall process, the objectives, the benefits, and the next steps.

This step includes 3 action items which will enable InovaZone to provide you with a good estimation of your organization’s readiness for the innovation DNA injection. You’ll fill our quick assessment questionnaire. We’ll review your answers and write a report explaining your organization’s innovation readiness score. InovaZone will then perform an interview/s with you or your employees to collect more detailed information. In addition, InovaZone will perform a preliminary market analysis and gather related intelligence.

Based on the information collected, InovaZone will write a comprehensive innovation readiness report based on a defined set of criteria: Ability, Culture, Willingness, Need, Understanding & Chance for success.

The report will include the necessary recommended steps, tools, and processes.

During a face-to-face or video conference meeting, InovaZone will present and explain the report, while providing analysis and proposed next steps.


Providing a detailed report with your organization’s innovation readiness report and suggested next action items to help your organization grow.

Don’t start any innovation process without top management commitment! A detailed analysis report is a great way to get management onboard.

Step 2

InovaZone will analyze and recommend an innovation process that fits your organization’s needs.

A kickoff meeting with the company’s innovation leader (if you don’t have one yet, it will be a contact person nominated to lead the innovation program/process).
This meeting is a direct continuation of the report submission meeting. Its goal is to choose the best alternatives for the organization and initiate the process.

InovaZone provides several recommended alternatives. We will help you perform an internal review, along with a number of stakeholders giving InovaZone detailed feedback which is critical to choosing the innovation path.
Define the tools and processes based on the collected feedback.
Upon final approval, a detailed process with selected tools and milestones will be provided.


A Work Plan that will help your organization initiate the innovation process.

Your welcome to review our set of services for more details.

Step 3

Process Definition

Defining the organization work plan and get things done

Now that you have the strawman plan, it’s time to get into the details. InovaZone will hold a 1-2 days workshop to finalize and commit the organization to the process. To prepare for the workshop an innovation team and an innovation leader will need to be nominated. A workshop agenda will be proposed by InovaZone and refined by the innovation team. The workshop preparation includes: presentations, venues, invites, and objectives. InovaZone will also set an initial configuration of the tools to be demonstrated in the workshop.
InovaZone will facilitate the workshop along with the innovation team. Decision makers, innovation team and key stakeholders must participate in the workshop (at least for the decision and voting parts). The outcomes of the workshop include a defined process, tools and full management commitment.

Based on the workshop decisions:

  • Objectives will be defined.
  • KPIs will be set.
  • Toos will be defined to measure the KPIs.
A complete multi-channel communication plan will be created, approved and executed.
A clear overall objective will be set for the implementation phase.


Defined process, tools, full management commitment, and clear objective.

Management commitment is the key innovation to succeed.

Step 4

Implement a full innovation cycle and measure the success
Prepare the platforms and run an end-to-end testing with representatives of the population.
Announcement notifications will be sent. Usually: 1 week prior to Go-Live, on Go-Live, weekly during the process, upon every major milestone.
During the process hold regular meetings will be held with the staff and periodic meetings with the stakeholders. The objective of the meetings is to confirm that the process is running according to plan and prepare for next steps.
Constantly monitor the daily operation of the process and periodically report to management (at least on a weekly schedule).
Once the implementation of the first cycle is complete, prepare a report with all statistics, conclusions and next steps.


Process Results Report

If your organization is just starting with innovation, it’s recommended to start with tackling low-hanging fruit challenges. This will show the organization quick wins and encourage all the participants to keep going.

Read our post ‘Amazing tools to manage innovation portfolio‘ for more info on low-hanging fruits.

Step 5

Innovation Roadmap

Build an innovation roadmap for sucess

Review the results, tools, process, and KPIs along with innovation team and stakeholders. Write a summary report with conclutions and improvements points.
Build a proposed roadmap based on the collected data, previous process review and management feedback.
InovaZone will present a long term roadmap to management along with the innovation manager.
Create a long term roadmap based on the pilot and feedback – be prepared to make changes as your organization becomes more comfortable with Innovation.


A long term innovation plan and commitment.
Innovation processes are lengthy, therefore the organization must commit to the full process in order to succeed and see great results.