Inject Innovation To Your City​

We have developed a municipal innovation program geared to take any city through the innovation journey while engaging the crowd, creating true mass participation and partnership.
We will help you engage the crowd to best understand the challenges and how to solve them utilizing the crowd!
We will guide you step by step to truly innovate and make your city smarter.
Innovation made easy by InovaZone!

Improve City Perspective

Be shown as an innovative, encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, a city that cares about the residents' opinion

More Businesses

By encouraging established companies to be involved in the city innovation processes

Entrepreneurs Flow

Strengthening and building work and entrepreneurship areas in the city


Cooperation with companies, educational institutions and various bodies in the municipality, in order to create an ecosystem

Everyone Participates

Making entrepreneurship available to the entire population of the city

Improved City Service

Listening to public opinion will make them fill more involved, more attentive, more belong

Choose your plan

Public Opinion

4-5 weeks process gathering public opinion on specific challenge or project

  • Improve city image
  • The entire city population involved
  • Collect thoughts and suggestions from a large crowd
  • Quickly solve specific challenge
  • Collect suggestions for your upcoming city plans/projects
  • Participating creates sense of belonging

Innovation Program

3-6 months end-to-end innovation program, including contest

  • Find the right problem
  • Improve city image
  • The entire city population involved
  • Create amazing ecosystem (city, citizens, companies, education etc.)
  • Solve meaningful challenges
  • Develop entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • More businesses in the city
  • Participating creates sense of belonging

Internal Innovation

An ongoing program used to share challenges and find solutions internally

  • All of your municipality employees can share their opinion
  • Keep your organization going forward
  • You choose which challenges to share
  • Increase employees satisfaction level

Frequently asked questions

We’re managing the process end-to-end.

We’ll need one contact person to help us with the different groups of the municipality and ongoing meetings to keep the project flowing but we’re taking care of everything for you.

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Give us a call and we’ll get you started in no time.

Over 80% of new products and services fail because they don’t solve a real problem. Through our hands-on Innovation Process methodologies, InovaZone helps corporations define their challenges and find solutions to real unmet needs.

We would be happy to meet and discuss the detailed process and see how it can meet your city goals.

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