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Corporate Innovation

We offer End-to-End Innovation methodology build from 5 layers that will take you from research to implementation

Municipality Innovation Program

Municipal innovation program geared to take any city through the innovation journey while engaging the crowd, creating true mass participation and partnership.

Ideation (ideas contest)

A process where you present challenges, gather ideas from a large crowd, select winners and implement

Design Sprint​

A Design Sprint at InovaZone is a 4-days process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new or improve existing processes, and products.

Innovation Portfolio Dimensions​

Great tool, uses 3 maps to manage your innovation portfolio. We offer free templates and workshop facilitation to get the most out of this process.

Easy to use interface

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Most companies, from startups to the biggest corporates, must innovate to keep growing and stay at the top of their industry.

You can find many tools and articles that will help you run innovation in your team or company.

We run different innovation tools and processes and help to establish innovation organizations for many companies of all sizes.

Each company has its own goals and need, and I would be happy to match the best process and tools for you.