Inject innovation to Your City

Our municipality innovation program will make you shine

Innovation is the best way to make any organization solve challenges, create solutions and grow. Cities can and must use open innovation for many reasons. First of all is that they have a large crowd, and using the wisdom of the crowd is an amazing way to get things going. We offer several, adjustable, programs designed especially for cities.

Main objectives

City Perspective

Improving the image of the city as an innovative, encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, a city that cares about the residents' opinion


Cooperation with companies, educational institutions and various bodies in the municipality, in order to create an ecosystem

More Businesses

Encouraging established companies to be involved in the process and as a result, encouraging the opening of branches in the city

Everyone Participates

Making entrepreneurship available to the entire population of the city

Entrepreneurs Flow

Strengthening and building work and entrepreneurship areas in the city

Improved City Service

Listening to public opinion will make them fill more involved, more attentive, more belong

2 main tracks

We offer 2 main tracks, depending on your goals.


1. Innovation Program

This track includes an end-to-end process, involving the entire city population, creating an amazing ecosystem, used to solve challenges the municipality is facing.

2. Public Opinion

This track can help you collect thoughts and here suggestions from a large crowd in order to solve big problems and as preparation for big projects planned in the city.

We would be happy to meet and discuss the detailed process and see how it can meet your city goals.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon