4 most innovative technologies in 2018

There are countless number of new and amazing innovative products, tools and services brought to us during 2018.

I tried collecting the most amazing ones that can help you, as innovation leader, make better job or share trends you should keep an eye on.

1. Crypto Anchors

Crypto-anchors will help the world fight counterfeiters.

Crypto anchors are digital footprints which can help companies and customers check the product’s authenticity.

They can be embedded in products and along with blockchain technology, which saves digital info about the product, can track product information and identification.

This technology already being used in different products today, but you can expect to see more and more startups and products embedding this technology in their products.

These can help us all feel more secure about the products we use and reduce fraud in the world.

IBM has some more insights on Crypto Anchors.

2. Ear Biometric

Thought your fingerprint was secure? Think again. They can be hacked relatively easily using different methods, even with a simple Inkjet printer (see example done by Michigan State University in 2016).

Scientists from Descartes Biometrics developed a new identification device – the earprint.

In order to use this, you can download ERGO SDK software to your phone. They’re using the smartphone sensors, so no additional special hardware is required.

The process is quick and easy. The user needs to press his ear against the touchscreen for about one second. It works by sending a sound wave in your ear which is then echoed back. This echo is different for every person, due to the unique geometry of each person’s ear.

3. Babel-Fish Earbuds

Google introduced it’s Google Pixel Buds back in 2017. Although live speech translation was available before, this was amazing to see it happening in real time and high quality.

It’s like having an individual interpreter dependably and wherever.

2018 introduced better performance and new competitors in this field. Most familiar are Mars earbuds.

This Artificial intelligence based technology has the power to change the way we travel, work and communicate.

4. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a researcher’s playground for the past 50 years. These days it’s becoming a reality, and within a few years, it will be mainstream.

It will soon be studied in universities and we can expect to see early use cases soon and see it rapidly advance different technologies. The next step using this method of computing will help us solve problems once considered unsolvable.

New materials, better medicines, new energy sources, and many other industries will be affected by quantum computing.

What should we expect from 2019?

Can you guess what will 2019 bring on us?

Share your guests below.

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