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About us

We have a great passion to solve problems and help organizations grow

We have a great passion to solve problems and help organizations grow

Who are we?

InovaZone builds task forces that supercharge organizations’ ability to quickly solve meaningful challenges and accelerate their adaptability in an ever-changing market.

We have a strong bond with the technology sector, advisors with a variety of expertise, and a strong relationship with the startups’ community (we are part of the Startup Nation, after all).

We create a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with our customers, making sure to walk them hand-in-hand as long as they need to ensure success and grow.

who are we?

More About Us...

We started InovaZone from a true passion for helping organizations become innovative and solve challenges by adapting to the constantly changing requirements they are facing due to market changes.

Our services can help you do just that by quickly identifying challenges and opportunities, and then quickly solve them. We’ll engage management, we’ll engage employees, and we’ll engage our community to help you lead the market. Innovation requires adaptivity, a willingness to learn and try, and real commitment. 

The results will amaze you!

Our Services

POC & Implementation

Constructive Innovation Process

5 steps innovation process intended to keep your organization adaptive to the ever-changing market needs, helping you solve challenges and find new opportunities. The method includes analysis, roadmap, core innovation, POC, and implementation with ongoing monitoring.
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The Founders Team

Nadav Levy

Nadav Levy

I’m an entrepreneur, innovation enthusiastic and basically love turning ideas into products.

I have over 20 years of experience in the digital world in different roles and industries.

I mentored entrepreneurs and led innovation processes with startups and global corporates.

Always happy to meet for a cup of coffee.

Email me: nadav@inova.zone.

Amichai Gross

Ami Gross

I was a corporate animal most of my career until I turned my passion to a profession. I understood that corporations harness great ideas and many talented people that dream them and can implement them. The only issue was that they didn’t have a stage. I decided to build the stage in each company I worked for. I got to the point that I led innovation programs for corporations.

My motto is to think innovative then take a step forward into the innovation realm – let me be your guide!

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