Constructive Innovation

Unique set of tools, products, and services that will help your organization grow

Every organization face challenges and opportunities. We can help you solve those challenges using different innovation tools and processes.

What We Do

Our innovation-in-a-box is a set of tools & process that will guide you hand-in-hand through the innovation journey by practically solving your challenges and leading you to the road-to-success using a core methodology:

Challenge Definition

Use our step by step process to define the next challenges you need to resolve

Find solution

  • Innovation tools & services
  • Disruption team
  • Crowd (Internal \ External \ Hybrid)
  • Data (We own a unique database of Use cases, startups, solution, products, technologies and more)
  • Hackathons \ Makathons \ Innovation Events

solution integration

Once we found the best solution, now we’ll help you integrate it into the relevant business unit to make sure your challenge is resolved and your business keeps growing

We have different boxes and processes, used to solve different challenges. The objective is to take your organizations, step by step, guiding you on how to address challenges, raise ideas to solve challenges, develop solutions and implement them. Each box contains the tools and materials to solve your challenges:



Solutions Bank

Innovation Community

Workshop materials


Innovation Academy

Innovation in a Box

A variety of self-service innovation boxes, allowing your organization to easily run its own innovation processes with all the necessary tools and materials


A variety of completely facilitated workshops ranging from a half-day to 5 days, such as Design Sprint, Lean Ideation, Challenge Definition and more

On Demand

A variety of Innovation services ranging from onsite consultation to process facilitation that can take you from research to implementation


Tools designed to support and enable your innovation processes. We have a complete toolkit that consists of systems, materials, knowledge repositories, and aides!

Disruption Team

Wish to prepare your business for the next generation, GEN Z?
Contact us, and we'll be right there with our Disruption Team.

Road to Success

We offer End-to-End Innovation methodology build from 5 layers that will take you from research to implementation

Our Mission

Lets innovate

In today’s economy, innovation is the only way to stay relevant! ​Innovation is the best way to make any company solve challenges, create solutions and products, and grow based on strategic planning.

We will help your organization define your challenges, quickly find solutions, and later implement the best solutions into your organization.

Use our tools, read our articles, and share your thoughts or just get in touch and let’s resolve your next challenge.

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Excel by choosing the right metrics

Since our goal is to measure everything we do to improve, and since there are many different metrics you can focus on, start by asking yourself two simple questions:

What’s, is your final goal for the innovation process/team?
Is the data accessible? Is there ease of collection and use?

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