innovation is the only way to stay relevant!




Big Data Business Intelligence, Consulting and services, Innovation management

Number of employees: 2

Market size

SMB Companies globally (over 200K 100+ companies in the US).

Between $1B and $5B.

Use of proceeds

Develop MVP and perform pilot with 3-5 clients

Management team

Nadav Levy

Co-Founder & CEO

Ami Gross

Co-Founder & CTO

What we do

We provide companies innovation management platform which helps them define their challenges and later uses, AI to match the best process for each company, data to innovate faster and the wisdom of the crowd to take it to the next step.


innovation process is complicated, time-consuming, expensive and inefficient!

  • Companies lack an end-to-end tool that will allow them to handle the company innovation and future investments (they have tools for sales, marketing, HR, etc. but not for innovation).
  • Waste of time and resources trying to find a solution and stay up to date – R&D centers, scouting services, different advisors and tools.
  • Solutions are encapsulated inside the company – no access to data and no access to the wisdom of the crowd.


End-2-End Innovation management platform providing the organization innovation portfolio overview, set of tools, easy access to data (startups, products, technologies, solutions, innovation case studies, etc.).

In case there no ready to use solution, the tool will let the company choose between different set of tools, according to the information we own about the company, along with the challenges that were set. One of the tools will be crowed innovation, which will let companies ‘shout’ to our ‘Ideators’ community with challenge.

Major Milestones

  • Developed process & community
  • Developing Ideation MVP
  • Planned Matching Algorithm

Competitors & How are we different

Innovacentive VIIMA Qmarket
crowd innovation network No tool, simple website Focus on specific innovation module No database
We support a complete innovation process, from research to implementation. VIIMA focuses on Idea Management process (Ideation).
We offer end-to-end innovation management and use AI in all steps, specifically to match each client with relevant solutions

Go To Market

  • Strategic partnerships & community
  • online marketing
  • Sales team
  • Events

Revenue model

  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Shouting to the Crowd fees
  • Matching challenges to solutions commission
  • Complimentary services