Tour at Peres Center for Peace and Innovation


Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is now open for visitors. In an impressive building right at Yafo beautiful beach, you can learn about Israeli innovation and its contribution to the world.

Innovation Management – Can you survive without it?

Innovation Management – Can you survive without it

In today’s fast-paced market and ever-changing environment, Innovation is no longer a nice to have. Innovations need to be practical in order to make innovation-driven solutions implementable quickly and effectively. This article discusses why and how organizations integrate innovation processes into the activity stream.

Excel by Choosing the Right Metrics

Excel by choosing the right metrics

Since our goal is to measure everything we do to improve, and since there are many different metrics you can focus on, start by asking yourself two simple questions:

What’s, is your final goal for the innovation process/team?
Is the data accessible? Is there ease of collection and use?

The Generational Challenge in the Workplace


The article is all about the challenges of how to deal with the generational differences that currently exist within organizational ecosystems. We’ll deep dive into who are the different generations, what are their influences and what influences them. We’ll get a glimpse to the future workplace

Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019


The Global Innovation Index (GII) published their yearly report for 2019.

GII ranks and breaks down the innovation performance of 129 countries and economies around the world

To Take a Leap of Faith​


Taking the plunge means taking innovation from a concept to a real-life implemented process bringing the organization actual measurable value